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Securing Your Haven: Cal Tech’s Next-Gen Video Intercom Solutions

Cal Tech Security redefines home security with cutting-edge video intercom solutions, seamlessly integrating technology for effortless access control. Whether in a single-family home or a multi-unit residence, our innovative systems provide best-in-class security, safeguarding people, property, and reputation.

Elevate your home security with Cal Tech, seamlessly integrating with your existing system. Take control of access and monitor events in real-time, bid farewell to traditional keys, and embrace modern technology effortlessly.

Explore diverse access options with our collaborative approach – key fobs, cards, pin codes, and smart device credentials. With Cal Tech Security, changing access permissions and monitoring key usage is simple, ensuring a flexible and comprehensive security solution for your residence. Welcome the future of home security with Cal Tech – where innovation meets simplicity for ultimate peace of mind.

Where Your Home’s Protection Meets Tomorrow’s Innovation.

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