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Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Cal Tech Security: Elevating Access Control with Cutting-Edge Multi-Tenant Solutions

Cal Tech Security pioneers access control with state-of-the-art multi-tenant video intercom solutions, redefining security and communication. Our systems offer a user-friendly experience through an online dashboard and fully-integrated technology, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Experience the future of access control with Cal Tech Security, safeguarding people, property, and reputation with best-in-class security measures. Whether you manage a single-site or multi-site facility, our solutions seamlessly integrate, enhancing your building’s overall health by monitoring access and tracking events in real-time.

Partner with Cal Tech Security for a cutting-edge, key-free future. Explore diverse access options like key fobs, cards, pin codes, and smart device credentials with our collaborative approach. Change access permissions effortlessly and monitor key usage, ensuring a flexible and comprehensive security solution for your organization.

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Security Today: Cal Tech Security, Where Innovation Safeguards Every Entry.

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